বাংলা বইয়ের e-ভুবন
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This business is related to online selling of e-books, which is a completely digital product. There is no physical shipment of goods involved in this business. We manufacture the product (e-books) ourselves and host all the products (e-books) on our server. When a customer buys e-book from, and the payment is successful, a digital copy of the product (e-book) will be automatically added to customer's own personalized digital library, and customer will be able to read the e-book through an embedded e-book reader connected to his/her personalized digital library. Since the process of tracking a successful payment and adding the purchased e-book to the customer's own digital library is an automatic and completely online process, it happens almost immediately and the delivery time may vary in the range of seconds to couple of minutes based on the internet speed of the customer.